So there goes another year. All sorts of amazing happened. And ups. And downs, such is the rollercoaster of life. Me?

Continued the work on Transformers Regeneration One for IDW with Simon Furman, Stephen Baskerville, JP Bove and Jason Cardy. At the time of writing issue 97 is out and about. As many of you will know I have had to take a bit of a break from the book due to other commitments but Guido Guidi has stepped up to the plate and its rocking along nicely.

More Doctor Who storyboard work popped up through the year as I worked on pretty much all of season 7B. I was also asked to do some of the boards for the 50th Anniversary Special. That was a real thrill but most of the boarding was done by Shaun Williams. Shaun was the board artist for much of the Tennant era. When that stopped I moved to another project but was asked back to do the Christmas Special with director, Jamie Payne. I couldn’t say no to that, what with it being a Regeneration episode so had to squeeze it all in between other stuff.

The ‘other job’ that I was doing at that time was as Concept Artist on a new children’s TV show called Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave. Its a great little show. 3D computer animation. All being well it will air on the BBC’s Cbeebies channel in the autumn.

And last but by no means least there was HORIZON. Book two, ‘The Fear’ finally got completed and was available at the Leeds ThoughtBubble convention and online. The book couldn’t have been done without the help of the amazing Alies Meerman and Ed Pirrie who helped out with ‘flatting’. If you don’t know what that is it is basically an art assist job and it really took the weight off of me and enable me to get the book finished and printed in time. This second chapter saw Ali (our protagonist) overcome one obstacle only to really take a fall at the end. A cliff hanger that will pick up in book three.

So, 2014?
Back to the amazing Collignwood&Co to continue work on Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & DaveIts such a joy to work on and should be all complete by august this year. The way things are going and the reaction the work is getting could well mean a second season.

I have begun work on the final issue of Transformers Regeneration One. I won’t be pencilling the whole book but it really is a privilege to be asked to come back in for the curtain call. 2014 is a BIG year for Transformers what with it being the 30th Anniversary so watch out for the team at a convention near you.

More Doctor Who? Not sure really. A new year means a new production team so they may well be sorted. With the arrival of Capaldi it would be fun to do some more but if not I can always say ‘I was there when’.

And HORIZON. There is time to get book three done if I get my finger out. This is the big one and the resolution of the whole project. As with the previous two books it will be available at ThoughtBubble but there will be updates as the year goes by. Watch this space or check me out on Facebook

And those Convention Appearances; So far its;
East Midlands Con in Nottingham in March
Wales Comic Con in April
Auto Assembly in August
Melksham Comic Con in August

At the time of writing the dates for ThoughBubble have not been announced but I will post as soon as there is more info.

Happy New Year to you all. Lets regenerate and take off.