So HORIZON book2 – The Fear arrived yesterday. Well sort of. Through a bizarre turn of events the HORIZON books ended up being misdirected to South London. Fortunately for me they were sent to someone I know, and their books were sent to me by mistake. What are the chances? I ended up with a box full of gorgeous little sketchbooks by Nana Li and she – and partner John Aggs – ended up with my books. The reason being that they were both printed by the same books printers and were consecutive order numbers. What are the chances? and the addresses got switched. Anyhow, with the help of John and Nana and Mark at the amazing inkylittlefingers all was sorted. Which is great because it means that I DO have the books with me and ready for Thought Bubble at the weekend. Phew. What are the chances? well, In a world where anything is possible… ANYTHING is possible’







And here is what I received by mistake…

Deptford to Shoreditch by Nana Li