So whats new?
just completed storyboards for the Doctor Who Christmas special. Awesome storyline and a Regeneration episode as the new Peter Capaldi Doctor is introduced. You are so gonna love it. Wish I could say more but ya know… I could tell you but I would have to exterminate you ;-) 

And… talking of Regeneration, the Transformers Regeneration One book continues apace with its current team. As you may know I have taken a break from it what with all this other stuff I have going on. Still doing covers though and here is the latest. Look familiar?😉

What else… Work continues on the new kids TV show, Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave with Collingwood&Co. Again, can’t really show you anything for this yet but I am sure that very soon some images will be released. It is an absolute joy to work on and with such a lovely team as well.

What else… The kids show idea by myself and Simon Furman is jogging along in the safe hands of our friends at HoHo Entertainment. a long way to go on this one but all part of the fun. We are going through a redesign on it but will post some images when I have some.

Anything else?.. oh yes. HORIZON. Panic is setting in with this one as the clock ticks by. Am halfway through book two and still determined to have it ready for the ThoughtBubble convention in November. Looks like I will be being assisted by the talented Sprite Anansi who is looking at helping out with the colouring. This should give me a fighting chance of getting the book out. Keep ya fingers crossed. In the meantime, here’s one I made earlier😉

I think thats enough for now. Unless you are in Chipping Norton on the 5th October. If you are, come along and see me play with CooperBlack.

Love and rabbits