Well. Been a while. What have I been up to then, since Bristol.
First thing is I would like to give a big shout out to my Draw the World Together friends, Kat Nicholson and Jason (yes, the guy who colours the Transformers covers) Cardy. Recent events and their stirling efforts mean that they have just made a donation of £1000 to our chosen charity, Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK. It was all raised at the Bristol Comic Expo and, MCM. It was raised by an auction and a raffle but mostly through the sketching talents of Kat, Jason and crew. Check out the news at DrawtheWorldTogether.com

Other news is the amazing BBC3 cult TV show THE FADES won a BAFTA!!!🙂 As you may be aware I was the storyboard artist on the show. If you didn’t see it go get the DVD and see what you missed.

Transformers Regeneration One is coming along really well. Still another month to wait until the release of #81 (the first proper issue) but many lucky people out there managed to pick up a copy of the (yes, it will be a rare collectors item) 80.5 preview issue. Check out all the Regeneration news on the FACEBOOK PAGE

HORIZON progresses well. Almost half way through now and still on course for a November release at ThoughtBubble. Come along and pick up a copy then. In the meantime check out the website for all the updates and news of the development of an Horizon Seminar.

Thats it for now really. Is that enough? seems like it to me🙂