Will there be a Transformers #81

There is a bit of a buzz at the moment on the interenet about there being a Transformers #81. Thought I would add my perspective on this.

A while ago myself and Simon Furman considered the idea of picking up where we left off with the old Marvel Comics run of Transformers. For me it came about because after doing a series of six covers IDW asked me to do some interior art for their Transformers book. I wasn’t particularly interested in doing any so they asked me what it would take to do some. Well the obvious amswer would be copious amounts of dallar ;-) but to be honest it wasn’t about that. It was more to do with the fact that I was happy to just do cover art for Transformers and  that I am busy doing other stuff these days. I gave it some thought though and put to them that it would be possible under a couple of conditions. First was that I would want to work with Simon Furman. Second was that we would want to do something that had a point. Something that felt like it was really saying something. I came up with the gist of an idea and put it to Simon. He ran with it and things began to take shape. What was clear was that it fitted well into the continuity of our old Marvel run. IDW agreed that there is precedent for this with the fact that GI Joe recently picked up on Larry Hama‘s old Marvel story threads. So. An idea took shape and we almost had it until the current economic siutation put the breaks on it.

So where are we now? Well it is clear that IDW are not resistant to the idea but in these current times of relatively low comics sales they would need to feel confident that it would sell.
So what can be done about it? If you are interested, sign the petition that is going about. Get enough names on that and it would clearly be a viable project. Of course it remains to be seen who would draw it as there are other interested parties but I think it is safe to say that Simon would love to get his teeth into it.

Roll Out!


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13 thoughts on “Will there be a Transformers #81

  1. Mate, it’s awesome to know that you and Simon naturally worked together and came to an idea about continuing the Marvel continuity from #81!

    Thanks for supporting us by posting the petition link!


  2. Key line for me is “something that has a point”. As a reader of IDW TF (I hesitate to say fan of IFW TF) I just find the new stuff sadly lacking. IDW ongoing (and “film continiuity”) take elements of original classic G1, throw it in the air, and then hope they get a good story out of what settles. It pales in comparison to the original UK run which was original, creative and damn fine story telling.

    For the sake of good TF storytelling am really hoping something comes from this new initiative.

  3. It always struck me that a tale of conflict like Transformers can do so much more that show bots bashing each other. It can have some underlying threads that in some way say something about life and conflict. The best tales do this and Transformers has, at time, done this. The original Transformers movie from the mid eighties was an inspiration to many people in many ways. The recent movies simply dont do that. Perhaps all the fancy visual possibilites in movies and comics have given way to good storytelling. Lets get some of that back in.

  4. Andy, I agree it always was much more than just the bashing bots. I think it’s sad that people’s modern day impression is of the Bay movies and have no sense what the fans really enjoyed so much originally. The Transformers had “characters” individual characters. It dealt with the shock of war (and fatalities of war). It stretched science fiction concepts (Target 2006 was the first real classic parallel universe idea and risk of time travel). Etc.

    Ahhh those were the days….

  5. Loce the idea of continuing the best TF comic run ever. Hope you guys get to do this. These were some of my favorite books ever. I’d but two if that would help. :)

  6. If you can, please do. I hated how the story ended that way and then picked up again with generation 2. It just was not the same. You make it, I’ll buy it!

  7. It would be the best thing to happen to the TF comics. It’s been a real long time. I have DREAMED about this day. PLEASE MAKE MY TF #81. Please before I die. Make my death bed wish come true……….

  8. Plz bring this comic back. It was easily my favorite series of all time after Andy and Simon showed up. Bring Galvatron out of the lake and have him team up w Megs! Maybe some decepticons would go with gal/megs and others stay w bludgeon. Would be so epic!!!!!

  9. We are doing everything we can to have the project become real. All I can say is if you havent already, sign the petition. Other things you can do is post on the IDW message board and tell all your friends on Facebook. The rest is down to IDW.

  10. Hi Andy,
    Great to see you doing more cool stuff.
    Wow Original Transformers #81! Now that would be something!
    I only just heard about the possibility of this just recently and didn’t appreciate how close it came to being realised (you hear these things over the internet as rumours etc etc).
    I cant agree with you more. Although I was somewhat grieved that you decieded to take an extended leave from Transformers I wouldn’t want you to come back to it (at the moment anyway) without being able to really shake things up and do something ‘purposeful’.
    Im afraid it seems im in with most TF fans these days in regards to current opinions about the G1 ongoing series. It started so well with Simon’s -ation series (which I absolutely loved) but it seems to have plummeted to new lows recently, and I for one feel it is sadly lacking. Its a real shame because there is so much potential with Transformers for so much more.
    I really hope this project gets off the ground, as I feel it could bring back to Transformers a little of that something that the G1 fans feel is missing, and that it rightly deserves.
    I have signed up on the petition and have given it a huge thumbs up,

  11. While the core idea is great, where would TF #81 leave G2? Would it take place preceeding the G2 story arc or would it disregard it? If it’s the later, then I’d much rather see Generation 2 #13.

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