End of The Road

:UPDATE: The thumbnail pics of the pages here are being removed as they sell.

End of The RoadSo I guess we all remember those good old days of the Transformers Comic published by Marvel. I do :-)
Well I think I have finally found the last few pages of original art from that series. Can’t believe I have had some of these for so long. Its so cool to look back at some of those Neo Knights illustrations for me. At the time I had pretty much had my fill of drawing robots and the chance to draw ‘real’ people was great. An opportunity to show those editors at Marvel that I could take on Superheroes. Not sure if they were ever convinced ;-)

So here, finally, are the last few pages of a bygone age. All up for grabs at a super duper, knock down, bargain basement price. £25/$50 per page! I must be mad! Click and enjoy and let me know what memories they bring back.

Cheers Trans Fans



5 thoughts on “End of The Road

  1. I really enjoyed the End Of The Road saga, although the Neo Knight didn’t do that much for me, and I felt the whole binary-bonded transformers angle should have been closed off first somehow. I was never a fan of Geoff Senior’s artwork. Compared to your work, it was like night and day. I was certainly said it ended after just 80 issues. (I live in the Netherlands, and couldn’t get the UK comics). The comics of back then certainly is part of the reason why I never stopped being a fan. Even during the times people said to me that Transformers was dead and gone and would never return again, and that I should stop wasting my time on it and look for something else to spend my time with… You know, the guys who now claim they’ve always been a fan of the brand! :p

    Thanks for the ride, and waiting for more Wildman/Furman Transformers stuff in the future! ;)

    Your friend from the Netherlands.

  2. Ah, I have fond memories of this saga as well. It’s so sad that it had to end just 5 issues after the epic Unicron saga. There was such a great deal of potential there. Just when Transformers was starting to hit it’s peak… the axe.

    If I had the money for them, I’d buy ’em all and proudly display them (alas, part-time college teachers don’t exactly make much hehehe). You really shouldn’t let them go for that little though, honestly: they’re worth at least five times what you’re asking.

    Hope to see more of your work in the ongoing IDW comics!

  3. Thanks for the kind words guys. I thoughts the price would allow people to be able to find it a bit more affordable. I have had these pages for a long time. About time they went out into the world ;-)
    No upcoming plans for IDW work but you never know. May happen.
    Keep watching


  4. Wow… strange that I’ve just been re-reading the whole Unicron saga up to the end of the US book. The later issues struck me as some of the best artwork of the time, never mind just on the TF book.

    (just a shame I don’t have the cash to afford it :( )

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