In this ‘top secret’ world of the Transformers movie I can finally show you something (well two pages) of a Transformers movie based comic that I have worked on. The book is a free give away in US cinemas when the movie comes out. It won’t be available in the UK so will become a bit of a collectors item. It is sponsored by the big US retailers, TARGET (how appropriate) and is (yet another) movie prequel story featuring Bumblebee. Check it out and keep your eyes on eBay ;-)



8 thoughts on “TARGET 2007

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  2. Fantastic stuff, as ever. Being a looooongtime fan of your work, I was very happy to hear you were doing this. But, I had to say “BAH!” in my most Doctor Doomish voice when I realised that my Welsh citizenship would prevent me from owning it. I’m glad this link has been posted!
    Awesome work as ever, Mr Wildman. I hope you’ll be drawing Transformers for a very, very long time to come. You are about the biggest influence on my own art (since ’88!), so it is always an utter joy to see your ‘bots in print. :)


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