Moving Home

Hi. Am trying an experiment. I have been blogging here on WordPress for a long time now as
Due to the launch of my current Patreon campaign I am redirecting the name to my Patreon blog. Confused? Not surprised, I am. Basically, if you type into a search engine it will now not bring you here but instead, take you to my patreon blog where there will be far more things going on. The front page of the blog is free to use and comment on but if you want more you can now become a patron and have access to all sorts of other wonderful stuff. Try it, you might like what you find. I would love to see you over there :-) BTW, if you do want to come back here for any reason (maybe you left your jacket behind?) it will still be available on although there won’t be any new stuff.
Thanks for being here. Now off you go. Jump in to THE NEW BLOG


My new Blog home. Take a look around

Transforming Transformers

op2For as long as I can remember there is something that I have wanted to do. Be a proper artist. Comics and TV are great and a wonderful opportunity to use my childhood love of drawing in a way that makes a living. But its all other peoples stuff. The first break away for me was when I (with the support of some patrons) put together HORIZON. if you don’t know about Horizon then check out the website. NOT YET THOUGH, I’m still talking ;-)
Horizon has been an incredibly rewarding experience as I have used my drawing ability alongside my ‘personal development coach’ training to create a ‘Transformational Graphic Novel’. I fully intend to do more of these. In the meantime… something else.
So to get up to speed with what I have planned I would LOVE you to take a look at my Patreon page and maybe consider – like those who jumped in to help with Horizon – becoming a patron of this new project. Check it out and see what you think.

Transformers Regeneration One, Original Art

Have recently put up 6 pages of Original (pencil) Art of Regeneration One. Two days left to go on these. Still time to grab yourself a bargain.
UK bidders can see them here
US bidders can see them here

Pages up for auction are those pictured below.

TF84pg12 TF84pg14 TF84pg15 TF84pg22 TF91-10 TF91-22

Convention date added


Following on from the last post I can now confirm that I will be at the second of this years WalesComicCons

So far I am going to be joined by fellow artists, Mike Collins, Neil Edwards and JP Bove.
More news about what might or might not happen there soon.

Conventionally Speaking

so… oh yeah. I just remembered. I have a blog. Best write some stuff.
Whats next then. Convention Appearances anyone?
On my list of Con appearances for this year are good old AutoAssembly. Apparently its going to be the last one!!! I wasn’t planning on attending this year and was going to give it a bit of a break after Regen finished but as its the last one I am going to go, and make the most out of it. Got all sorts of things planned, one of which is a new deluxe print by myself and Jason Cardy. More of that as we get nearer to the event. Which by the way is August 21st-23rd
Also on my list is IMAGINAMALAGA The Comic Convention in Malaga 19th-21st September Where I will be sketching and selling copies of Horizon
LeamCon 17th October next up. Just a one day Con but should be a great one and nice for me as its a little closer to home. You can book tickets for that event here
After that it is going to be the amazing ThoughtBubble Leeds on the 14th-15th November. Always a great show.

And now, just added to the list
the London Film and Comic Con Check out that guest list. amazing. And I have some special goodies for those attending. Watch this space ;-)