Thought Bubble

Next weekend is the annual ThoughtBubble convention in Leeds and the third opportunity for me to release the latest instalment of HORIZON. It was at TB 2012 that I launched the first instalment of HORIZON ‘the falling’ It was well received and last year I managed to make book2 ‘the fear’ available. Things round off nicely as it all looks set for the third and final instalment of HORIZON to be available at TB. The files are currently at the printers and ready to roll. Book3 ‘the flying’ has been fun, challenging, frustrating but ultimately hugely rewarding to complete. It seems strange after all this time to have finally wrapped up the storyline. A storyline that I first began putting together about 6 years ago. Maybe more. Once the convention is out of the way I will be making them available online in various formats. But hopefully I will see you at TB next weekend.


The Final Regeneration

As some of you will know I have been running a series of auctions on eBay to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Transformers as well as the end of the original G1 storyline.

There were 6 groups of auctions with each group having 5 copies of the final issue of Transformers Regeneration One along with a sketch of a significant G1 character. The sets of auctions featured; Optimus Prime, Megatron, Ultra Magnus, Galvatron, Bludgeon and Rodimus Prime – anyone spot a pattern there?
So with the previous auctions all done and dusted we are now in the middle of the Rodimus auction. It ends on Sunday and the items can be found here.
So why did I leave Rodimus until last? Simple really He is the final character in the book as the whole of the G1 Transformers story is essentially the story of Rodimus. He is our hero who develops from boy to man. He is our ‘Luke skywalker’ our ‘ Frodo Baggins’ our ‘Simba’

So pop along to the auction and take a peek at these sketches before they go. And ya never know, they may make someone a nice 30th Birthday present ;-)

RODIMUS1rodimus01 rodimus02 rodimus03 rodimus04 rodimus05

Regeneration One – Original Art Auction

Now that the Transformers Regeneration One comic book series is over and complete I thought it time to put up for sale a few of the pages of original art. I have sold a couple at conventions recently but it would be good to get them out into the wider Transformers world. I will probably pick a few pages from various issues and post them every now and then. To start with here are four pages from the end part of the run. Each page of art is signed, boarded and bagged and comes with a copy of the relevant script page.

Take a look at them here and if you are interested you can click on the images to check them out on eBay. The auction end at 8.30pm UK time next sunday 31st August.

$_57 (1) $_57 (2) $_57 (3) $_57 (4)