The Final Transformation

On my last day of pencilling Transformers Regeneration One I decided to take a little video. Set up the computer to watch me pencil the final page. Well not the last page in the book but the last page of mine which was page 10. Not a bad one to finish with as it featured Rodimus Prime. I decided to compose the page so as to get a nice big pic of Roddy. After all, thats the whole Transformers tory righ t there. The whole journey has been about Hot Rod and his ‘Transformation’ to Rodimus Prime. It has been his ‘Hero Journey’. His development – with Optimus as a mentor – from petulant youth to powerful Prime. That is the beauty of Transformers. It really is ‘about something’ It really is about ‘Transformation’, not just in the sense of robots transforming to vehicles and planes etc but it is about being transforming in ways that has them be empowered and powerful and bigger than the circumstances they are facing. During our talk at auto assembly Simon mentioned that Regen for him was about ‘sacrifice’. This is really the same thing. It does have that old thing about sacrificing yourself for the sake of others and the greater good you can see all that on the last page of issue #100. But this is also a perfect metaphor for the internal sacrifice that is needed for us to grow (transform) in to new parts of our life. It is only by letting go (sacrificing) old ways of being that have had us be limited in our approach to life that will allow for new ways of being to have us be powerful in the face of new circumstances. And that, is the essence of Transformers for me. More soon. In the meantime, here is the video and the pencil art for that final page. That final shot of Rodimus where he chooses to, no kidding, take it on.

music courtesy of the legendary Vince DiCola


Auto Assembly

Just packing things up ready for this weekend’s Auto Assembly. This time around I will be doing the usual sketches. I don’t take pre-orders so those who have already contacted me would be advised to pop along early on saturday just to be sure. That said I am sure I will get all sketch requests done.
As mentioned before I will have the Comic/Print packs for sale. These are a an absolute bargain at just £5 but are a limited supply so get ‘em while you can. This includes a copy of the special Convention Exclusive that many of you have asked about. Oh and they are signed.
Also for sale will be books One and Two of HORIZON. This is a new print run at the standard US comic book size with a nice shiny cover. If you already have on of the original A4 copies of Book One I do have some A4 copies of Book Two so do ask. 
One change that I am making this year is that other than for items bought from me I will be charging for ALL signatures. A small donation of just £2 for each signature. And this does not go in my pocket. All the money collected for signatures will go the the Make-a-Wish Foundation. My feeling is that autographs are given away too cheaply by creators and it is an opportunity for us all – creators and punters –  to make a difference in the lives of terminally ill children.
See you tomorrow :-)

Convention Variant Cover

AutoAssembly etc

The GALVATRON auction finished well with a few more pounds being raised for Make-A-Wish.

Next up will be BLUDGEON. This auction was going to go live this coming Sunday but, well, I haven’t finished them :-( Too many other things to sort out. Among those ‘other things’ is getting stuff ready for next weekend’s AutoAssembly. For those that don’t know this is the UK Transformers Convention. Always packed full of fun times and guests and all sorts of ‘Transformery’ things to look at and do and buy. I will be doing my usual sketching and selling prints. I will also have Comic/Print packs. These are a boarded and bagged issue of a Regeneration One comic. Pretty much all of the issues are currently available. Also in the bag is a nice shiny print of the cover art but without all the graphics, so you can admire it in all its glory. Oh and they are signed, both comic and print. Come take a look and get them while you can as there is a very limited supply of these.

See you there.


Galvatron Auction

The Galvatron sketches are now up on eBay. As with the previous auctions there are 5 copies of the Convention Variant cover of Transformers Regeneration One #100. Each is bagged and boarded. The backing board has a sketch of Galvatron on it.
At the close of the auction all the proceeds from one of those lots will go to the Make-a-Wish foundation who provide amazing experiences for children dealing with life threatening illnesses.

So take a look at the auction lots HERE and see if anything grabs you. And if not, that’s fine but please also take a look at the work of Make-a-Wish. Very moving stuff.

One of the lots

One of the lots

The five sketches of Galvatron

The five sketches of Galvatron